The spells I cast are custom made for each client and situation, so they are all unique.They have a common base in wiccan magic, the middle part is the customized part and on top of that they are combined with the ancient knowledge in the stars and the universe. I connect the spell to the clients or the subjects zodiac footprint to make it strong and unstoppable.

My spells range from basic preparation spells to cleanse your spirit or your surroundings (recommended before a more complex spell to get best results), to love spells as well as more materialistic spells for money luck for example. I also customize spells if you have specific requests not covered by any of the examples above. At times I will also get some very special items which enable me to cast some very rare spells. Please don't hesitate to ask if you are interested in a special rare spell!

I will not perform evil spells such as death- or revenge spells. It's also not possible for me to cast spells on "not living" objects such as a house or money in the physical form of it for example. All spells will need to be cast on humans.