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The Diffrence Between Real And False Psychics

Psychics can help people learn more about themselves & give you advice on the unknown.

Skeptics often doubt psychic abilities; they tend to believe that all necromancers are out to scam everyone for their financial success. Unlike other dishonest psychics I am here to help you and guide you through any and all aspects of life.

I work closely with all of my clients and unlike others I actually care for your well being, I am not only a psychic but I’m also a friend.

With the internet around you’ll most likely be able to find many psychics but… This is where it gets tricky-which is the best psychic for you?

1. Understand the Work of a Psychic

To truly know whether your chosen psychic is real or fake, you must first understand the work they do and how they do it.

All legit psychics can tell you simple answers to simple questions E.g. “how does this person feel about me?” Or even a little more complex questions like “is this there a curse on my relationship?” And if they do give you answers then what? You now know there is something in the way but what do you do?...

That's where I come in to help.

Only truly gifted psychics that have spent time and time again testing their abilities, practicing and even looking deeper into their abilities than most have ever before can help, like me.

Yes I can tell you those simple questions but if you want real and effective work done to alter the course your destiny.

I will be able to help you when I go into your case. First I will light a candle that is blessed by monks, ancient ancestors who have had psychic abilities just like me and highly powerful spirits that most necromancers cannot summon.

Then I will go into the sacred meditation room that has been used by my ancestors for ages.

I am a lightworker. I do not do voodoo or black magic.

For more details please contact me. (830) 867 - 1212

2. Are They Giving you Vague or Detailed Readings?

When you talk to a psychic, they will give you a reading that will help you answer your questions.

The reading they give you should help you get clarity in a certain aspect of your life rather than leaving you confused with unanswered questions...

If a psychic is giving you a reading and throughout the reading they are stating things that most people can relate to there is a high possibility they are not genuine.

In that case obviously the supposed “psychic” is doing so to make you ask more questions which would end up with you “taking too long” and having to book another appointment and spend more money.

The whole purpose of a personal psychic reading is for the psychic/reader to be specific. And if you genuinely think this psychic is real you should not doubt your psychic and think they're trying to profit off you, instead communicate with them and ask them to be more specific and really tap into your energy.

3. Are They Listening to You?

When you talk to a psychic you should feel comfortable speaking to them. If you find yourself getting a psychic reading and throughout the reading you feel misunderstood, ignored, judged or even underappreciated you should ask your intuition.

You see, no matter who it is, everyone has intuition in them E.g. Say you are walking alone at night but then out of nowhere you get this feeling in your stomach and in your head you keep hearing “You shouldn't be here” feeling like you're being warned by something but it’s just you…

Some people may call it paranoia but it’s actually your intuition giving you a heads up.

So now that you know, try to use that “warning” to your advantage and everytime you need a little help on choosing the right psychic relax, control your breathing and think to yourself “is this the right decision?”

Now I’m not saying to completely go and use your intuition to help with all huge decisions or situations.

If someone who has no experience using those psychic abilities your thoughts and emotions can get in the way and make you choose the wrong decision.

Which would end up in a huge mess

That's why people go to psychics to get clarity and guidance because not everyone can dedicate their whole life to this special power only certain people can obtain or are born with like me.

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