The zodiac footprint is the track you made in the universe at the exact time of your birth! In a way it works like your natal birth chart which tells us under which stars and planets movement you were born. But one big difference is that the zodiac footprint of a person also deals with the energies you transmitted during the first three hours of your life.


The zodiac footprint is determined by calculating the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth (just like the natal chart) and also by adding the energies that are picked up from the name and contact of any sort with the person (yes, emails are enough).


So how do I use the zodiac footprint? Well, it's very useful in many aspects especially when it comes to connecting the spell to a person but I will come to that later. (See the chart below for more info on the zodiac footprints efficiency.)

Ms. Zelma VS other Spellcasters Chart.jp

The first use I have of it is when I read a clients inner needs, feelings and soul. This isn't something I will share with the client at all since it's not always good to know yourself so completely as this. The info I get from that reading is used best when I help the client in figuring out which spell he/she REALLY needs!


Next I use it to scan the client for obstacles against the spell and possible explanations to why previous spells didn't work. This is a very common problem for my clients since after trying other types of magic and spells with little or, in worst cases, no results they tend to turn to me!


As I said earlier I use the zodiac footprint to connect the spell with the client in order to get the true results. During the spells cast I "tap into" the zodiac footprint to plant the spell safely and that can for some people who are hypersensitive feel like a small jolt in the lower left abdomen (not an uncomfortable feeling at all just a little unexpected). The spell being connected through the zodiac footprint makes it work faster and more accurately than if it was connected only through chants and the energies picked up through wiccan magic.


So doesn't zodiac footprints ever fail you might wonder. No, the zodiac footprint is always accurate. The only way I can fail in connecting to a persons zodiac footprint is if the client has a schizophrenic illness and at the point of contacting me isn't in tune with their true self. But that is generally picked up on by me without hesitation.


The reason why zodiac footprints are not well known in the world of spell casters is because it isn't originally intended for spells use. It is a way for some very unique astrologist's to go deeper in a persons natal chart and to really read the persons future. I learned this from my grandfather who was a very well known astrologist in his home land and the knowledge has been passed down in generations for many centuries and will so continue if I have a say in it! My oldest daughter is already well tuned and getting her connections faster and easier by the week it seems. I predict a bright future for her!


All in all it can easily be understood why the spells and services I provide give so great results! You will not be disappointed with my expertise and services.


I welcome you all!